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AutomationElement.IsScrollPatternAvailableProperty (Campo)

Identifies the property that indicates whether the ScrollPattern control pattern is available on this AutomationElement.

Espacio de nombres: System.Windows.Automation
Ensamblado: UIAutomationClient (en uiautomationclient.dll)

public static readonly AutomationProperty IsScrollPatternAvailableProperty
public static final AutomationProperty IsScrollPatternAvailableProperty
public static final var IsScrollPatternAvailableProperty : AutomationProperty
No aplicable.

This identifier is used by UI Automation client applications. UI Automation providers should use the equivalent identifier in AutomationElementIdentifiers.

Return values of the property are of type Boolean. The default value for the property is false.

The following example ascertains whether a specified control pattern is supported by an AutomationElement.

// TODO  Substitute the appropriate field for IsDockPatternAvailableProperty.
bool isPatternAvailable = (bool)

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