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System.ServiceModel.Security (Espacio de nombres)

This namespace deals with general Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security-related topics, for example, SecurityAlgorithmSuite.

For topics dealing with security tokens and certificates, for example WrappedKeySecurityToken see System.ServiceModel.Security.Tokens.

For security topics that overlap with the service model, for example TcpTransportSecurity, see System.ServiceModel.

Clase públicaBasicSecurityProfileVersionProvides a message version that corresponds to the Basic Security Profile specification.
Clase públicaBinarySecretKeyIdentifierClauseRepresents the key identifier clause in a binary secret security token.
Clase públicaChannelProtectionRequirementsDescribes encryption and signature requirements that apply to different parts of messages that are transmitted on this channel.
Clase públicaDataProtectionSecurityStateEncoderProvides encoding and decoding mechanisms for the security state using the Windows DataProtection API functionality.
Clase públicaExpiredSecurityTokenExceptionException thrown when an InfoCard security token expires.
Clase públicaHttpDigestClientCredentialUsed for digest authentication of HTTP clients.
Clase públicaIdentityVerifierAn abstract base class that can be implemented to verify an expected identity against an authorization context that represents a remote endpoint, or to create an identity from an endpoint address.
Clase públicaInfocardInteractiveChannelInitializerInitializes an InfoCard interactive channel.
Clase públicaIssuedTokenClientCredentialRepresents information used to obtain an issued token from a security token service.
Clase públicaIssuedTokenServiceCredentialAllows a service to configure properties associated with the federated credential presented by the client.
Clase públicaKeyNameIdentifierClauseRepresents the key name identifier clause in a security token.
Clase públicaMessagePartSpecificationSpecifies which parts are included in a message.
Clase públicaMessageSecurityExceptionRepresents an exception that occurred when there is something wrong with the security applied on a message.
Clase públicaPeerCredentialContains the credentials used when authenticating a peer node within a peer mesh.
Clase públicaScopedMessagePartSpecificationSpecifies which parts are included in a message.
Clase públicaSecureConversationServiceCredentialProvides credential settings for a secure conversation service.
Clase públicaSecurityAccessDeniedExceptionRepresents the security exception that is thrown when a security authorization request fails.
Clase públicaSecurityAlgorithmSuiteSpecifies properties of algorithms. This is an abstract class.
Clase públicaSecurityContextKeyIdentifierClauseRepresents the key identifier clause for a security context token.
Clase públicaSecurityCredentialsManagerAn abstract class that when implemented represents a security credentials manager.
Clase públicaSecurityMessagePropertyContains security-related properties and is attached to a message.
Clase públicaSecurityNegotiationExceptionIndicates that an error occurred while negotiating the security context for a message.
Clase públicaSecurityStateEncoderAn abstract class that can be implemented to encode the security state.
Clase públicaSecurityTokenSpecificationRepresents a security token and its authorization policies.
Clase públicaSecurityVersionContains the set of supported WS-Security versions. This is an abstract class.
Clase públicaServiceCredentialsSecurityTokenManagerRepresents a SecurityTokenManager implementation that provides security token serializers based on the ServiceCredentials configured on the service.
Clase públicaSspiSecurityTokenProviderRepresents a security token provider that provides an SSPI security token.
Clase públicaSupportingTokenSpecificationRepresents a supporting security token and its authorization policies.
Clase públicaUserNamePasswordClientCredentialRepresents a client credential based on user name and password.
Clase públicaUserNamePasswordServiceCredentialThis class is used to configure how the service authenticates users that use user name/password authentication, and to configure the caching of logon tokens.
Clase públicaWindowsClientCredentialAllows you to specify properties related to Windows credentials to be used to represent the client.
Clase públicaWindowsServiceCredentialService credentials for Windows authentication.
Clase públicaWSSecurityTokenSerializerThe class used for serializing and deserializing SecurityTokens, SecurityKeyIdentifiers, and SecurityKeyIdentifierClauses defined in the WS-Security, WS-Trust, and WS-SecureConversation security specifications.
Clase públicaX509CertificateInitiatorClientCredentialDefines a certificate used by a client to identify itself.
Clase públicaX509CertificateInitiatorServiceCredentialRepresents the settings used by the service to validate the certificate presented by the clients. It also contains a certificate for the service to use for encrypting responses or callbacks for clients when MutualCertificateDuplex message security authentication mode is used.
Clase públicaX509CertificateRecipientClientCredentialRepresents the settings used by the client to validate the certificate presented by the service using SSL authentication. It also contains any certificate for the service that is explicitly configured on the client to use for encrypting messages to the service using message security.
Clase públicaX509CertificateRecipientServiceCredentialDefines a certificate used by a service to identify itself.
Clase públicaX509ClientCertificateAuthenticationSpecifies authentication properties for validating the client certificate.
Clase públicaX509PeerCertificateAuthenticationSpecifies authentication properties for the peer certificate.
Clase públicaX509ServiceCertificateAuthenticationRepresents the settings used by the client proxy to authenticate service certificates that are obtained using SSL/TLS negotiation.

Interfaz públicaIEndpointIdentityProviderProvides the identity of an endpoint.
Interfaz públicaISecureConversationSessionRepresents a secure conversation security session. The communicating parties secure all messages on the session using a SecurityContextToken that is issued by the server as part of session establishment.
Interfaz públicaISecuritySessionRepresents a kind of ISession that enforces the requirement that all messages exchanged on the session are between the same communicating parties that established the session.

Enumeración públicaMessageProtectionOrderSpecifies the order of operations that protect a message.
Enumeración públicaSecurityKeyEntropyModeDescribes the source of entropy used for key generation.
Enumeración públicaSecurityTokenAttachmentModeAn enumeration that lists the ways in which security tokens are attached.
Enumeración públicaUserNamePasswordValidationModeLists ways to validate in username/password mode.
Enumeración públicaX509CertificateValidationModeAn enumeration that lists the ways of validating a certificate.