Breaking Changes (ATL/MFC)

The following are the breaking changes in ATL/MFC shared classes:

  • ATL cannot be built without a dependency on CRT. In earlier versions of Visual Studio, you could use #define ATL_MIN_CRT to make an ATL project minimally dependent on CRT. In Visual C++ 2008, all ATL projects are minimally dependent on CRT regardless of whether ATL_MIN_CRT is defined.

  • The ATL Server codebase has been released as a shared source project on CodePlex and is not installed as part of Visual Studio. Data encoding and decoding classes from atlenc.h and utility functions and classes from atlutil.h and atlpath.h have been kept and are now part of the ATL library.

  • Some functions are no longer included in the DLL. They are still located in the import library. This will not affect code that uses the functions statically. It will affect only the code that uses these functions dynamically.

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