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FieldName Element for EventClass/Schema/Field (ADF)

SQL Server 2005

Specifies the user-defined name of an event field.


Characteristic Description

Data type

string, between 1 and 128 characters in length.

Default value



Required once per Field element.


Can be modified, but not added or deleted, when you update the application.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Field Element for EventClass/Schema (ADF)

Child elements


Field names can contain letters, numbers, and the special characters _, #, @, and $. They must conform to SQL Server identifier conventions. For more information about SQL Server identifiers, see Identificadores.

You cannot name an event field EventBatchID or EventID. Notification Services already uses these field names internally.

  If you update a FieldName element, updating the application deletes and re-creates the event class to which it corresponds. This includes dropping and re-creating the SQL Server tables and indexes used by this event class. Any data existing in the original event class tables is permanently deleted.

The following example shows how to specify that the field name is StockSymbol.


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