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Microsoft.Web.Management.Server (Espacio de nombres)

Actualización: noviembre 2007

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Server API implements the server portion of a management feature in IIS Manager.

All implementations of IIS Manager will use at least the following two classes:

  • The ModuleService class is the base class for implementing new management modules. A derived ModuleService class contains all the program logic for the management module.

  • The ModuleProvider class is the base class for implementing new module providers. The module providers supply information about a management module.

ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifAdministrationModule Encapsulates information about a specific administration module.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifAdministrationModuleCollection Represents a collection of administration modules.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifAdministrationModuleProvider Encapsulates information about the administration module provider.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationManagementUnit Encapsulates contextual information about the application being managed.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationAuthenticationModuleService Provides the base class for implementing new management modules for configuration authentication.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationModuleProvider Manages delegation in the configuration system for one configuration section.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifDelegationState Stores the delegation mode and the localized display strings for the delegation mode.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAdministrationConfiguration Provides access to the Administration.config file.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthentication Provides functionality for managing the list of valid IIS Manager users.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthenticationProvider When overridden in a derived class, provides authentication functionality for IIS Manager.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthorization Provides functionality for managing the authorization list for a specific site or application.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthorizationInfo Encapsulates information about an authorized user.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthorizationInfoCollection Contains a collection of Microsoft.Web.Management.Server.ManagementAuthorizationInfo objects.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementAuthorizationProvider When overridden in a derived class, provides a base class that enables custom authorization.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementConfiguration Represents management configuration information and provides a method to retrieve configuration sections.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementConfigurationPath Defines a container for the configuration path of the current server, Web site, application, file, or folder. This class cannot be inherited.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementContentNavigator Provides access to the content (files and virtual directories) in a Web site or Web application. This class cannot be inherited.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementFrameworkVersion Provides a container for .NET Framework version information.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementUnit Encapsulates contextual information about the management unit currently being managed during the execution of a Web service method on a module service.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementUserInfo Encapsulates information about an IIS Manager user.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementUserInfoCollection Represents a collection of IIS Manager users.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifModuleDefinition Encapsulates information about a specific management module, such as its name, associated service type, and the assembly that contains the module.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifModuleInfo Encapsulates information about a specific management module that is sent to the client, such as its name, associated service URL, and the assembly that contains the module.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifModuleProvider Provides the base class for implementing management module providers.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifModuleService Provides the base class for implementing new management modules (IIS Manager extensions). 
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifModuleServiceMethodAttribute Marks a method on a ModuleService object as directly callable by the client.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifPropertyBag Provides an IDictionary interface to pass a collection of key/value pair variables to IIS Manager.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifServerManagementUnit Encapsulates contextual information about the server being managed.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSimpleDelegatedModuleProvider Provides a base class for simple read-only, read/write, and nondelegated delegation semantics.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteManagementUnit Encapsulates contextual information about the site being managed.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifTypeInformationGenerator Forms the base class for the remotable type information generator.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWebManagementEventLog Enables information to be written to the Windows event log.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWebManagementServiceException Represents an exception that is thrown when IIS Manager is unable to perform a requested operation.
ms652552.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWebManagementServiceHandler Handles HTTP requests that are related to Web administration.

ms652552.pubinterface(es-es,VS.90).gifIAuthenticationModuleService Determines whether an authentication module service is enabled.
ms652552.pubinterface(es-es,VS.90).gifIGlobalConfigurationProvider When implemented in a derived class, enables customization of the location of server-level configuration files.
ms652552.pubinterface(es-es,VS.90).gifIManagementContext Provides information about the client.
ms652552.pubinterface(es-es,VS.90).gifISiteStatusProvider Defines the interface that a class must implement to act as a site status provider.

ms652552.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationPathType Specifies the type of configuration path that is selected.
ms652552.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifInvalidPasswordReason Specifies the reason why password validation failed.
ms652552.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifManagementScope Defines the management units that the .NET Framework supports.