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Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Extensions (Espacio de nombres)

Actualización: noviembre 2007

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Extensions namespace provides classes to extend features in IIS Manager. 

ms613526.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifAuthenticationFeature Provides the base class for creating authentication modules.
ms613526.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifHomepageExtension Implements the IHomepageTaskListProvider interface and provides a way for IIS Manager to notify the extension to refresh the extension's data.
ms613526.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifProtocolProvider Enables new protocol bindings to be added to a site.
ms613526.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifProviderFeature Provides the base class for module providers.
ms613526.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for events that are handled by the ProtocolProvider.SiteUpdatedEventHandler delegate.

ms613526.pubinterface(es-es,VS.90).gifIHomepageTaskListProvider Enables an object to add task items to the Connection tasks list that is displayed on the Start page in IIS Manager.

ms613526.pubdelegate(es-es,VS.90).gifAuthenticationFeature.AuthenticationSettingsSavedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events that are raised when authentication settings are saved.
ms613526.pubdelegate(es-es,VS.90).gifProtocolProvider.SiteUpdatedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events that are raised when the site is updated.

ms613526.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifAuthenticationType Denotes the type of client authentication.
ms613526.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteAction Specifies whether the site is currently being created or edited.

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