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Microsoft.Web.Administration (Espacio de nombres)

Actualización: noviembre 2007

The Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace contains classes that a developer can use to administer IIS Manager. With the classes in this namespace, an administrator can read and write configuration information to ApplicationHost.config, Web.config, and Administration.config files.

The classes in the Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace contain a series of convenient top-level objects that allow the developer to perform administrative tasks. The different logical objects available include sites, applications, application pools, application domains, virtual directories, and worker processes. You can use the API to obtain and work with the configuration and state of these objects and to perform such actions as creating a site, starting or stopping a site, deleting an application pool, recycling an application pool, and even unloading application domains.

ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplication Defines properties common to all applications in Internet Information Services (IIS).
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationCollection Represents a collection of Application objects for a Site object.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationDefaults Defines the default values for applications that are created for a Web site.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationDomain Represents the isolated environment for managed applications in a worker process.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationDomainCollection Represents a collection of ApplicationDomain objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPool Provides methods and properties to configure and manage IIS 7.0 application pools.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolCollection Represents a collection of ApplicationPool objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolCpu Configures default values for CPU usage parameters and CPU actions that all application pools on a server use.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolDefaults Configures default values for all application pools on a Web server.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolFailure Defines the actions to take when an application pool fails.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolPeriodicRestart Specifies conditions that govern application pool recycling.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolProcessModel Represents the process model settings for an application pool.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifApplicationPoolRecycling Configures recycling settings for an application pool.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifBinding Represents the binding instructions for a Web site.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifBindingCollection Represents a collection of bindings.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfiguration Represents a configuration file for a particular computer, application, or resource.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationAttribute Represents a single property in a configuration element.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationAttributeCollection Represents a collection of related configuration attributes.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationAttributeSchema Provides access to the attributes that define the schema for a configuration attribute.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationAttributeSchemaCollection Represents a collection of ConfigurationAttributeSchema objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationChildElementCollection Represents a collection of related child configuration elements.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationCollectionSchema Represents the schema for a collection in the IIS 7.0 configuration system.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationElement Represents an element in a configuration file.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationElementCollection Represents a collection of configuration elements.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationElementCollectionBase<T> Provides the abstract base class for a strongly typed collection of configuration elements.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationElementSchema Represents the schema for a configuration element.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationElementSchemaCollection Represents a collection of ConfigurationElementSchema objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationEnumValue Defines an attribute in the IIS 7.0 configuration system that validates against a list of accepted schema-defined values. 
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationEnumValueCollection Represents a collection of configuration enumeration values.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationMethod Represents a method that is implemented as an IIS configuration extension.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationMethodCollection Represents a collection of configuration methods.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationMethodInstance Represents an instance of a ConfigurationMethod.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationMethodSchema Provides access to the method that defines the schema for a configuration method.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifConfigurationSection Represents a section of configuration data in the IIS 7.0 configuration system. 
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifRequest Represents a single request to an IIS 7.0 server.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifRequestCollection Represents a collection of active requests in a worker process.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSchedule Defines the schedule for a single event.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifScheduleCollection Represents a collection of Schedule objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSectionDefinition Defines a configuration section.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSectionDefinitionCollection Represents a collection of related SectionDefinition objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSectionGroup Provides access to a group of related configuration section groups or configuration section definitions.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSectionGroupCollection Represents a collection of related SectionGroup objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifServerManager Provides read and write access to the IIS 7.0 configuration system.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifServerManagerException The exception that is thrown when the server manager is unable to perform a requested operation.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSite Defines a properties and methods common to all Web sites configured in IIS.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteCollection Represents a collection of Site objects.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteDefaults Contains the default values for IIS 7.0 Web site properties. 
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteLimits Exposes connection-related limits for a Web site.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteLogFile Configures logging for a Web site.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifSiteTraceFailedRequestsLogging Configures log settings for failed requests.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifVirtualDirectory Defines methods and properties that are common to all virtual directories in IIS 7.0.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifVirtualDirectoryCollection Represents a collection of virtual directories for a particular application or site context.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifVirtualDirectoryDefaults Defines the default values for virtual directories that are created for an application or Web site.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWebConfigurationManager Provides access to configuration files for Web applications.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWebConfigurationMap Specifies the paths of the Machine.config and Web.config files.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWorkerProcess Defines methods and properties that are common to all worker processes in IIS 7.0.
ms613523.pubclass(es-es,VS.90).gifWorkerProcessCollection Represents a collection of WorkerProcess objects.

ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifAuthenticationLogonMethod Specifies the kind of authentication that you can use to establish a logon session for a secured virtual directory.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifLoadBalancerCapabilities Specifies the response to the client when an XML Web service is unavailable.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifLogExtFileFlags Contains flags that determine which categories of information are written to the log file or data source during logging events.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifLogFormat Specifies the formatting to use for recording the log file.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifLoggingRolloverPeriod Determines when a new IIS log file is created.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifManagedPipelineMode Determines how the server processes requests for managed code.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifObjectState Specifies the running state of an IIS object.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifOverrideMode Specifies the override behavior of a configuration section.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifPipelineState Specifies the current execution status of the request process.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifProcessModelIdentityType Specifies the process model identity of an application pool.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifProcessorAction Specifies the action that IIS takes when an application pool exceeds the CPU limit specified by the ApplicationPoolCpu.Limit property.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifRecyclingLogEventOnRecycle Defines the reasons for application pool recycling that will cause IIS to log an event.
ms613523.pubenumeration(es-es,VS.90).gifWorkerProcessState Indicates the running state for a worker process.