VCPlatform2 Interface

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.dll)

public interface VCPlatform2 : VCPlatform

The VCPlatform2 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDebuggerToolProvides access to platform specific debugging tools. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyDebuggerTool
Public propertyDefaultDirectoryGets the default directory for build output. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyDefaultDirectory
Public propertyDeploymentToolGets the platform specific deployment tool. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyDeploymentTool
Public propertyDisableAlternateDebuggersGets whether alternative debuggers are accessable. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyDisableAlternateDebuggers
Public propertyDumpfileExtensionsGets the platform specific dumpfile extension. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyDumpfileExtensions
Public propertyExcludeDirectoriesGets or sets a path to exclude when searching for files while building a Visual C++ project. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyExcludeDirectories
Public propertyExecutableDirectoriesGets or sets a path to use when searching for executable files while building a Visual C++ project. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyExecutableDirectories
Public propertyExecutableExtensionsGets the platform specific executable extension. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyExecutableExtensions
Public propertyGeneralPageToolGets the tool used to overwrite the project general properties page. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyGeneralPageTool
Public propertyIncludeDirectoriesGets or sets a path to use when searching for include files while building a Visual C++ project. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyIncludeDirectories
Public propertyIsCLRSupported
Public propertyLibraryDirectoriesGets or sets a path to use when searching for library files while building a Visual C++ project. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyLibraryDirectories
Public propertyNameGets or sets the name of the object. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyName
Public propertyNumberOfPlatformMacrosGets the count of available macros. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyNumberOfPlatformMacros
Public propertyPGOInstrumentPropertySheet
Public propertyPGOOptimizePropertySheet
Public propertyPGOUpdatePropertySheet
Public propertyPlatformMacro[Int32]Gets a platform specific macro. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyPlatformMacro[Int32]
Public propertyReferenceDirectoriesGets or sets the path to use when searching for files added with the #using directive while building a Visual C++ project. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyReferenceDirectories
Public propertySourceDirectoriesGets or set the path to use when searching for source files to use for IntelliSense. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertySourceDirectories
Public propertyStaticAnalysisPropertySheet
Public propertyToolsGets the available tools for the platform. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyTools
Public propertyVCProjectEngineGets a pointer to the project engine. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public propertyVCProjectEngine

Public methodCommitChanges()Infrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodCommitChanges()
Public methodEvaluate(String)Evaluates the value of a project model or environment macro. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodEvaluate(String)
Public methodGetAlternatePlatformNames
Public methodGetMacroValue(String)Gets the value of a macro by name (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodGetMacroValue(String)
Public methodGetMacroValue2
Public methodGetToolNameForKeyword(String)Gets a tool by its keyword. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodGetToolNameForKeyword(String)
Public methodHiddenSheetSupported
Public methodIsDumpfile(String)Determines if a file is a dumpfile. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodIsDumpfile(String)
Public methodIsExecutable(String)Determines if a file is an executable. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodIsExecutable(String)
Public methodMatchName(String, Boolean)Matches a specified name to the name of a collection item. (Inherited from VCPlatform.)
Public methodMatchName(String, Boolean)
Public methodSpewWarning

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