Enumeración de EmailMessageSentStatus

Represents the types of statuses that a sent marketing email can have.

Espacio de nombres: Microsoft.Dynamics.Marketing.SDK.Model
Ensamblado: Microsoft.Dynamics.Marketing.SDK (en Microsoft.Dynamics.Marketing.SDK.dll)

public enum EmailMessageSentStatus

Nombre del miembroDescripción
BehaviorTrackingWebpageSpecifies that the website has the tracking script included in it. Value = 9.
BlockedDueToCrossCampaignRulesSpecifies that the sent email message is blocked due to cross campaign rules. Value = 12.
ClickedSpecifies that the email message was clicked. Value = 3.
ComplaintSpecifies that the email message has been marked as junk. Value = 13.
DeliveredSpecifies that the email message was delivered successfully. Value = 1.
ForwardedSpecifies that the email message was forwarded to another email address. Value = 6.
HardBouncedSpecifies that the email address doesn’t exist or the message couldn’t be delivered to an email address. Value = 4.
LandingPageSpecifies that a submission is marked through a landing page. A record is created with BehaviorTrackingWebpage when someone opens a landing page. Value = 11.
LeadSpecifies that a lead is created when a submission is marked on a landing page. Value = 8.
QueuedSpecifies that the sent email message is queued for delivery. Value = -1.
RenderedSpecifies that the email message was opened. Value = 2.
SentSpecifies that the email message was sent successfully. Value = 0.
SoftBouncedSpecifies that an email address exists but the message was rejected (possibly due to spam detection or transient connection issues). Value = 5.
UnsubscribedSpecifies that the email address has been unsubscribed. Value = 7.

Development Platforms

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 (All Versions), Windows 8 (All Versions)

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