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RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager.BeginOnDemandTransfer (Método) (DataBufferName)

Begins an on-demand transfer of the specified data buffer.

Espacio de nombres: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.Management
Ensamblado: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics (en microsoft.windowsazure.diagnostics.dll)

Dim instance As RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager
Dim sourceBufferName As DataBufferName
Dim returnValue As Guid

returnValue = instance.BeginOnDemandTransfer(sourceBufferName)

public Guid BeginOnDemandTransfer (
	DataBufferName sourceBufferName
public Guid BeginOnDemandTransfer (
	DataBufferName sourceBufferName
public function BeginOnDemandTransfer (
	sourceBufferName : DataBufferName
) : Guid



The name of the source buffer.

Valor devuelto

A request ID identifying the transfer.

The BeginOnDemandTransfer(DataBufferName) method is used to start an on-demand transfer of buffered diagnostic data from the local storage of a role instance to your desired final destination. The input parameter, sourceBufferName, indicates the value of the DataBufferName enumeration that you want to transfer.

Only one transfer of each data buffer can occur at a time. For example, if you call this method using PerformanceCounters to start transferring all performance counter data for a role instance, you cannot call it again until the transfer has completed.


The following code snippet starts an on-demand transfer of performance counter data for the role instance:

// Get the diagnostic monitor for the specified role instance.
RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager roleInstanceDiagnosticManager = 
       new RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager(myStorageAccount, 

// Start a transfer of performance counter logs.

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