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Global Bank: A Scenario for Visual Studio Team System 2008

Visual Studio 2008

Are you wondering what you can do in Visual Studio Team System 2008 that you couldn’t do before? We’ve created a series of articles to show you. In this series, we'll explore how Global Bank uses Visual Studio Team System 2008 to help design and implement a new online service. Global Bank is a fictitious, mid-sized traditional bank that offers limited services online. The company is working to determine which services it should add to its online offerings, based on competitor analysis and customer feedback.

During this series, you'll meet several of the Global Bank employees who work on this project and learn how they use Team System to complete their assigned part of the project. Here's a brief introduction to the online services team at Global Bank.


Business Analyst with the vision for the new service.


Architect and Web site Program Manager responsible for designing the new service.


Developer who maintains the SQL Server back-end of the Global Bank Web site.


Developer who is assigned to code the new service.


Tester who is assigned to verify that the new code works.

Global Bank: Adding New Services to an Existing Web Site

The first article in the series. Follow along as Alan creates the list of requirements for the new service and Ken uses these requirements to design the system.

Global Bank: Updating an Existing Database to Support New Services

The second article in the series. See how Alice implements the new table and stored procedure that are required for the new service.

Global Bank: Coding the New Service

Coming soon.