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Espacio de nombres Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.Models

The Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management namespace contains classes that provide information and settings for managing your service deployments and storage accounts.

AffinityGroupCapabilitiesSpecifies the capabilities that are associated with an affinity group.
AffinityGroupCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to create an affinity group.
AffinityGroupGetResponseRepresents an affinity group.
HostedServiceReferenceRepresents a cloud service that is associated with an affinity group.
StorageServiceReferenceRepresents a storage service that is associated with an affinity group.
AffinityGroupListResponseRepresents the list of affinity groups.
AffinityGroupRepresents an affinity group.
AffinityGroupUpdateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to update an affinity group.
ComputeCapabilitiesThe compute capabilities.
LocationAvailableServiceNamesSpecifies the services that are available at a location.
LocationNamesSpecifies the location names for Microsoft Azure.
LocationsListResponseRepresents the list of available locations.
LocationRepresents a data center location.
ManagementCertificateCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to a create a management certificate.
ManagementCertificateGetResponseRepresents a management certificate.
ManagementCertificateListResponseRepresents the list of management certificates in a subscription.
SubscriptionCertificateRepresents a management certificate.
RoleSizeListResponseThe List Role Sizes operation response.
RoleSizeA role size that is valid for your subscription.
StorageCapabilitiesThe storage capabilities.
SubscriptionGetResponseRepresents the information about a subscription.
SubscriptionListOperationsParametersRepresents the parameters are used to list the operations that have been performed on a subscription.
SubscriptionListOperationsResponseRepresents the list of subscription operations.
OperationCallerDetailsRepresents the attributes that identify the source of an operation.
SubscriptionOperationRepresents an operation that has been performed on the subscription during the specified timeframe.
SubscriptionOperationNamesSpecifies the name of a subscription operation.

SubscriptionStatusSpecifies the status of the subscription.

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