Updated: October 2010

Changes the working drive.

int _chdrive( 
   int drive 


An integer from 1 through 26 that specifies the working drive (1=A, 2=B, and so forth).

Zero (0) if the working drive was changed successfully; otherwise, -1.

If drive is not in the range from 1 through 26, the invalid-parameter handler is invoked as described in Parameter Validation. If execution is allowed to continue, the _chdrive function returns -1, errno is set to EACCES, and _doserrno is set to ERROR_INVALID_DRIVE.

The _chdrive function is not thread-safe because it depends on the SetCurrentDirectory function, which is itself not thread-safe. To use _chdrive safely in a multi-threaded application, you must provide your own thread synchronization. For more information, see SetCurrentDirectory at MSDN Library.

The _chdrive function changes only the working drive; _chdir changes the working directory.


Required header



For more information, see Compatibility.

See the example for _getdrive.




October 2010

Specified the range of the drive parameter. Remarked that _chdrive is not thread-safe.

Information enhancement.

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