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Plug into the BizTalk Server community to connect with other developers and administrators. Get answers to your questions, read the latest from BizTalk bloggers, see webcasts, find out about events, and connect with BizTalk Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).

This BizTalk Server community site is focused on providing samples, labs, tools, and videos. The goal is to help promote the use of BizTalk Server 2009 and previous versions.

BizTalk Server Team
Get insight into the BizTalk product team’s perspective and plans in terms of business, technical, customer, and partner issues surrounding BizTalk Server.
See BizTalk MVP Saravana Kumar's community Web site dedicated to BizTalk resources.

BizTalk Community Webcasts on CloudCasts
See BizTalk webcasts from community members.

BizTalk Light and Easy Webcast Series
Download webcasts from MVPs and field experts.

BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication
See more than 80 community blogs on this aggregated community site.

BizTalk Webcasts
Get insights on how to use BizTalk from these technical webcasts for developers presented by knowledgeable subject matter experts.

Feature of the Month

BizTalk Light and Easy Webcasts

View the latest webcasts in the BizTalk Light and Easy Webcast Series from BizTalk MVPs, including:

BizTalk Server Community Resources

Channel 9 BizTalk User-Group Videos

See videos from BizTalk user groups worldwide

Code Gallery Code Gallery

Download and share sample applications, code snippets, and other resources with the developer community.

CodePlex CodePlex

CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting Web site. Find the latest BizTalk Server code samples from the community, or upload your own.

BizTalk User Groups

Get information about the various user groups worldwide.

Books BizTalk Server Books

See the latest BizTalk Server books.

Team and Community Blogs Team and Community Blogs

Check into the BizTalk Server blogosphere and see what the natives are talking about. Here you'll find links to featured BizTalk Server blogs and the latest posts from all of them.

BizTalk Forums

The MSDN Forums allow you to search a growing archive of technical questions and answers.


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