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There are many different types of help, including documentation, Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles, and forums: all are provided at no cost.

Developer documentation is a good initial place to start so you can determine if a specific question or issue has already been addressed.
The KB provides detailed help on specific topics from Microsoft that were created in response to specific developer issues.
The forums contain thousands of existing questions and responses to developer issues, supplied by both Microsoft and the community.



Ask a question in the forums


Use the forums to get help from the community at no cost. Because the forums are monitored and maintained by the general community, the time it takes to get a response to your question is unknown. If timeliness of response to your questions isn't critical, posting to a forum is a good approach.



Contact Microsoft for additional help

With this option, you can talk directly to a support engineer. This option is good if you or your company needs a fast response, or if you are blocked from making progress. There is a cost associated with this option, but you get to see the costs and the time-to-respond before placing the request. MSDN Subscribers may be eligible to up to four free support engineer calls each year, based on the level of your subscription.