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Developer Introduction to Windows Server AppFabric
(Part 2): Caching Services

Windows Server AppFabric provides a distributed in-memory application cache platform for developing scalable, available, and high-performance applications. Applications can store any serializable CLR object without worrying about where the object gets stored. Scalability can be achieved by simply adding more computers on demand and resilience is enabled by allowing for copies of data to be stored across the cluster, thus protecting data against failures. These capabilities add real value to your existing investments in Windows Server, and deliver new capabilities for demanding application needs in the data center. This Ramp Up track provides you with the initial knowledge needed to understand and use the Windows Server AppFabric Caching Service.  The training assumes that you are a competent .NET developer and know your way around web applications, databases and Microsoft ASP.NET.

This training kit is available as a full download, including a complete recorded delivery of the class (in High Quality – 720 and Medium Quality – 450 versions). You can also review and download the resources for each module and even complete the lessons online using the Virtual Lab environment.

Learning Resources

Published: October 2010

Download the Training Kit
Download three different versions of the training kit and virtual machine here.

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Introduction and Architecture
This module will get your system setup for running the Caching labs of this training kit, including how to install Windows Server AppFabric. If you are using the Virtual Lab environment for the exercises, you do not need to do the first two exercises in this lab—you can start with Step 3 because everything is setup already in the Virtual Machine.


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Programming the Cache
This module introduces the basics of using the Windows Server App Fabric Cache client APIs for storing and retrieving data in the Cache.


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Regions and Tags
In this module you learn about using regions and tags in the cache.


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Patterns of Use
This module introduces the idea of optimistic concurrency when using the Windows Server App Fabric Cache.


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ASP.NET Session State Provider
This module introduces the basics of using Windows Server App Fabric Caches ASP.NET Session State Provider.


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HA Locking and Callbacks
This module introduces cache notifications, providing automatic invalidation of locally cached objects.


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Security and Management
The purpose of this module is to introduce you to monitoring your Windows Server App Fabric Cache installation.

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