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Starter Kits

Windows Mobile Starter Kits are fully functional sample applications. Each sample is complete and contains its documentation, so you can get started right away.

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How to Install a Starter Kit

Before you begin, you must have Visual Studio 2005 and the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC or Smartphone SDK already installed on your computer. Then, select the Starter Kit of your choice, click on download and select Save.

Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET Starter Kits

When you launch the downloaded file, the Starter Kit will be installed as a project template inside Visual Studio. You can them use the Starter Kit by creating a new Visual Studio Project, and selecting the project type from Visual C# (or Visual Basic) / Starter Kits. Once a Starter Kit project has been created, online documentation is automatically displayed.

Visual C++ Starter Kits

Starter Kits written in Visual C++ are presented in standard Visual Studio project format, stored in a zip archive. Unzip the file to a know location, and then load the project into Visual Studio. Documentation for the Starter Kit is contained within the project as an HTML file: to read it, right-click on the .htm file in the Documentation folder in the Solution Explorer, and select View in Browser.

Using the Starter Kit

To build and run the Starter Kit, press F5. By default this will use the relevant emulator to deploy and launch the application

Note: You must accept the End User License Agreement below before installing and using the Starter Kit.

Name: Ski Time Mobile
Category: Game
Platform: Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Language: C++

This Windows Mobile® Starter Kit is a ready-to-run arcade game for Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices, with a portrait format 220 by 176 pixel display.

This starter kit demonstrates the following technologies:

  • Encapsulation of an application window within a class.
  • Encapsulation of an application WNDPROC within a class.
  • Loading images from embedded resources, and accessing them through static names.
  • Clean separation between game logic, framework and Windows API code.
  • DirectDraw initialization, double buffering and clipping.
  • Resource management to facilitate shared resources and reduced loading times.
  • A flexible, stack-based model for game state transitions.
  • Basic Animation.


Name: Home Screen Alarm Plug-in
Category: Home Screen Plug-in
Platform: Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Language: C++

This Windows Mobile® Starter Kit is a ready-to-run home screen plug-in that shows alarm information on the home screen and provides a shortcut to access alarm settings.

This starter kit demonstrates the following technologies:

  • Developing a basic Win32 smart device application in C++.
  • Getting data from Windows Mobile registry.
  • Creating a shortcut to the settings page.
  • Using home screen APIs.
  • Programming with COM.
  • Building and debugging a home screen plug-in.


Name: Tic Tac Toe
Category: Game
Platform: Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Professional
Language: C++

This Windows Mobile® Starter Kit is a ready-to-run Tic Tac Toe game that uses the new Mobile Ink APIs. The user can play against another person or against the computer, by writing X’s or O’s directly onto the touch screen.

This starter kit demonstrates the following technologies:

  • Basic Win32 smart device application development in native C++.
  • Creating and enabling ink objects to allow a user to write ink strokes on the user interface by using the IInkOverlay interface.
  • Enabling handwriting recognition by using the IInkDisp and IInkStrokes interface.
  • Using dialog boxes, controls, and resources.
  • Using a flexible UI that supports portrait, landscape, and square-screen devices of various resolutions.
  • Using ScreenLib to make controls aware of screen size and orientation


Name: WMPStatusPlugin
Category: Today Screen Plug-in
Platform: Pocket PC
Language: C++

The WMPStatusPlugin Starter Kit is a complete Today Screen plug-in for a Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC, written in Visual C++. By tapping on the plug-in, you can toggle Windows Media Player Mobile between play and pause modes. The sample also includes a background plug-in to control the current instance of the Windows Media player. The project comes ready to compile, deploy and run.

  • A complete Today Screen plug-in
  • Interacts with Windows Media Player Mobile via COM interface
  • Displays information on currently playing artist, album, track number and track title
  • Installation project for each plug-in is provided.

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Name: DexMobile
Category: Game
Platform: Pocket PC
Language: C#

DexMobile is a simple board-game, the object of which is to arrange your pieces into a perfect triangle before the game's AI can do the same. It's not as easy as it might sound! The starter kit demonstrates several managed code techniques, including:

  • C# Application with multiple forms, dialog boxes
  • Built-in help
  • Orientation awareness (dynamic layout depending on screen size and shape)
  • A variety of GDI and COM interoperability techniques for drawing the game board
  • Multiple "themes" for how the game board is drawn
  • Animation
  • Separation of user interface from game logic using C# interfaces
  • Loading string and image data from resources
  • Simple depth-first search game AI with four skill levels
  • And, it's fun!

Support and Feedback

Name: Tabbed Web Browser
Category: Application
Platform: Pocket PC
Language: C#

The Tabbed Web Browser Starter Kit uses the .NET Compact Framework's WebBrowser control to create a replacement browser for Internet Explorer Mobile. The new browser supports tabs, which allows multiple web pages to be visited at once.

  • A C# Application using WebBrowser and TabControls
  • Accesses Internet Explorer Mobile's internal favorites list
  • Creates a web page programmatically
  • Included support for emailing web pages
  • Support for landscape and portrait modes
  • Requires the .NET Compact Framework version 2 to be installed on the device

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