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Adapt Your App

What's New?

Get Ready for Dynamic Portrait/Landscape Support in Windows Mobile Standard

New in Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile Standard devices will be able to dynamically switch from portrait to landscape.  Your existing Smartphone application may work in Portrait on an Orange SPV C600 and in landscape on the Motorola Q and Samsung Blackjack but how will it cope when the Orange SPV E650 changes orientation on the fly?  To test and update your application, install the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs onto your installation of Visual Studio 2005.

Get Ready for 320x320 Screens

Windows Mobile 6 software supports 320x320 screens at 128dpi.  Devices supporting this new resolution are on their way.  Are your apps ready for this new screen resolution? To test and update your application, install the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs onto your installation of Visual Studio 2005.

Always Stay Adaptable

Know which screens are currently supported by the Windows Mobile platform.

your application using Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

your code to gracefully handle the devices of the future.

your distribution, so customers and partners are aware that you support the latest devices.

Compatibility Blogs

Know: Adapt to New Screen Orientations and Resolutions

Check the list

The latest orientations and resolutions supported by Windows Mobile 6 are listed below. We will update this list as new devices are introduced, so this page will continue to be a handy reference.

Test: Get the Latest Windows Mobile Emulator Images

Developers: Install the tools you need

If you're a developer, you'll need the following tools to test and debug your applications on the latest Windows Mobile powered devices:

Develop, test, and debug Windows Mobile applications.

Allow for connectivity between Visual Studio and Windows Mobile devices*.

Target Windows Mobile 6 and 5.0 devices using Visual Studio 2005 by installing the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs, which include headers, libraries, documentation, samples and emulators.

*Developers using Windows Vista should follow this install guide

Not a developer? Use Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0
If you want to test your application without installing Visual Studio 2005, you can use Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0, a stand-alone version of the emulator that ships as part of the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

Optimize: Learn How to Develop for the Windows Mobile devices of Today and Tomorrow

  • View the Adapt Your App webcast series
    Will you be ready to take advantage of the new devices, while still keeping your installed base of customers happy? This three-part webcast series shows you how to adapt your app today, and in the future.
  • Microsoft patterns and practices Mobile Client Software Factory
    The Mobile Client Software Factory, from patterns and practices, includes guidance and tools to automate designing and developing mobile client applications that support multiple screen resolutions and orientations.

Update: Communicate your Support of New Devices

To your users: They’re waiting for you to support the newest devices
Remember to update your marketing materials and channels. Let your online distributors know that you now support the newest Windows Mobile devices.