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Supports Method

Determines whether a specified Recordset object supports a particular type of functionality.

boolean = recordset.Supports(CursorOptions )

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether all of the features identified by the CursorOptions argument are supported by the provider.


A Long expression that consists of one or more CursorOptionEnum values.

Use the Supports method to determine what types of functionality a Recordset object supports. If the Recordset object supports the features whose corresponding constants are in CursorOptions, the Supports method returns True. Otherwise, it returns False.


Although the Supports method may return True for a given functionality, it does not guarantee that the provider can make the feature available under all circumstances. The Supports method simply returns whether the provider can support the specified functionality, assuming certain conditions are met. For example, the Supports method may indicate that a Recordset object supports updates even though the cursor is based on a multiple table join, some columns of which are not updatable.