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type attribute | type property

Gets the classification and default behavior of the button.


HTML<element type="p" ... >

p = object.type


Property values

Type: String


Default. Creates a Command button.


Creates a Reset button. If the button is in a form, it resets the fields in the form to their initial values.


Creates a Submit button. If the button is in a form, it submits the form.


A Submit button has the same default behavior as a button created by using the submit  type with the input object. If the ENTER key is pressed while a user is viewing a form that contains a Submit button, the form is submitted. This default behavior of a Submit button is indicated by a border surrounding the button. The border appears when any control in the form receives the focus, other than another button. If the Submit button has a name property, the button contributes a name/value pair to the submitted data.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 and later. The default value of this attribute depends on the current document compatibility mode. In IE8 Standards mode, the default value is submit. In other compatibility modes and earlier versions of Windows Internet Explorer, the default value is button.

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