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status property

Sets or retrieves the value indicating whether the control is selected.



p = object.status


Property values

Type: Boolean

false (false)

Default. Control is not selected.

true (true)

Control is selected.

NULL (null)

Control is not initialized.


The status property of the textArea object has a default value of null.

Setting the status property of a textArea object updates the value of the property and causes the onpropertychange event to fire. However, this change has no visual effect on the textArea object.


This example uses the status property to control a check box that is disabled by default.

Code example:

<input id="oCheckbox" checked disabled type="checkbox"> 
<span onclick="oCheckbox.status=false" style="font-weight: bold">I disagree</span>.
<span onclick="oCheckbox.status=true" style="font-weight: bold">I agree</span>. 

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