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accept-charset attribute | acceptCharset property

Sets or retrieves a list of character encodings for input data that must be accepted by the server processing the form.


HTML<element accept-charset="p" ... >

p = object.acceptCharset


Property values

Type: String

a space and/or comma-delimited list of case-insensitive charset values.


If the user enters characters that are not in the character set of the document containing the form, the UTF-8 character set is used. UTF-8 is the preferred format for multilingual text. Refer to Character Set Recognition for a complete list of recognized character sets.


Default value.

Standards information


A character encoding is a method of converting a sequence of bytes into a sequence of characters.

If ACCEPT-CHARSET is not specified, the form is submitted in the character encoding specified for the document. If the form includes characters that fall outside the character set specified for the document, the application attempts to determine an appropriate character set. If an appropriate character set cannot be determined,the characters are encoded as HTML numeric character references. For more information on character sets and numerical character references, see HTML Character Sets.

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