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text-kashida-space property

Deprecated. Specifies the ratio of kashida expansion to white space expansion when justifying lines of text in the object.

CSS Text Level 3, Section 8.3 Internet Explorer 9



text-kashida-space: percentage

Property values


An integer, followed by a %. The value is the ratio of kashida expansion to white space expansion. 100% specifies kashida expansion only, and 0% specifies white space expansion only

CSS information

Applies ToAll elements
Initial Value0%

Standards information


Microsoft Edge supports the unprefixed version, text-kashida-space, of this property.

This property is deprecated and is not supported in Windows Internet Explorer 8 and higher document compatibility modes. It is still available for use in Internet Explorer 8 and later when the page is in either IE5 (Quirks) mode or IE7 Standards mode. For more information about document compatibility modes, see Defining document compatibility.

Kashida is a typographic effect that justifies lines of text by elongating characters at carefully chosen points. It is used in Arabic writing systems.

Kashida justification increases the length of a line by elongating cursive (Arabic) characters at certain points. The semantics of text-kashida and -ms-text-kashida-space are opposite each other: "text-kashida:100%" is nearly equivalent to "text-kashida-space:0%".

For the -ms-text-kashida-space property to have any effect, you must also set the text-align property to "justify". (Setting text-justify property to "kashida" is not required.)

The text-kashida-space property is read-only for the IHTMLCurrentStyle2 interface (C++) and currentStyle object (script).

The text-kashida-space property applies to block elements only.

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