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Printing and Imaging Presentations from DDC 2008

These presentations were made at Driver Developer Conference (DDC) 2008 and cover developer best practices and testing tools for printers and scanner drivers, including information about updated XPS support as well as print driver installation updates for Windows 7.

DDC 2008 Presentations - Printing and Imaging

  • Best Practices for Developing Printer Drivers  [PPT]
    This session focuses on the Print Driver Best Practices Guide that is being developed for Windows 7. We cover topics across the entire suite of driver technologies, from the benefits of writing a single binary print processor to the proper way to service core drivers.
  • Print Verifier  [PPT]
    Print Verifier in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) can enable successful Windows Logo Program submissions. Learn how to use Print Verifier as a runtime analysis and verification engine and how to examine the usage of the print subsystem in Windows 7.
  • Printer Driver Development in Windows 7  [PPT]
    Get detailed information about new XPS driver capabilities in Windows 7, including how to write printer drivers to take advantage of new spooler reliability improvements and how XPS and non-XPS drivers behave in a variety of client-side and server-side rendering scenarios.
  • Printer Driver Testing Tools  [PPT]
    This session provides details on the use of printer driver test tools including how to run the tools manually outside the Driver Test Manager (DTM) environment, how to troubleshoot failures, and how to use complementary tools such as AppVerifier.
  • Printer Installation and Driver Management  [PPT]
    This session details changes to printer installation in Windows 7. Learn how to use the Compatible ID for better support of device family drivers, integrate driver sandboxing setup changes, and best use core driver packages.
  • XPS Rasterization Service in Windows 7  [PPT]
    Learn about the XPS Rasterization Service in Windows 7, including information on the XPS rasterization architecture and dataflow, and the use of the XPS Rasterization Service. Attendees should have some knowledge of XPS driver development.
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