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Devices Presentations from Driver Developer Conference 2008

The Devices sessions from the 2008 Driver Developer Conference focused on enhancements with Windows 7, Windows Sideshow, and tips and tricks. The specific topics included the class drivers and appropriate driver implementation for simpler connected devices like portable media players and digital still cameras, portable device busses like USB, Bluetooth, Wireless USB, IEEE 1394, Web services based printers and scanners. Learn about the new sensor location platform and explore possibilities for building low-cost devices using Windows Sideshow.

DDC 2008 Presentations - Devices

  • Developing Device Drivers for the Sensor and Location Platform  [PPT]
    This overview explains the fundamentals of the Sensor and Location platform, the Sensor Class Extension, and driver debugging and testing; the emphasis is on device drivers that provide location data.
  • Sensor and Location Platform: Windows Logo Testing for Drivers  [PPT]
    Learn about the planned Windows Logo Program requirements and tests for sensor and location devices, including how to test the requirements and troubleshoot logo test failures.
  • USB in Windows 7 and Beyond  [PPT]
    This session discusses enhancements in Windows 7 to the USB stack (especially power management and stability) and the Microsoft OS Descriptor. We also discuss some early thinking and specifics on the new host controller design with attention to its effect on future USB products.
  • Using WinUSB For Your USB Devices  [PPT]
    Learn how to leverage WinUSB architecture and development in for a lower-cost user-mode driver for your device, plus get an analysis of analyze WinUSB as an API.
  • Windows SideShow: Building Low-Cost Devices  [PPT]
    Learn to make a low-cost device that is compatible with Windows SideShow by using a bitmap-rendering driver solution. This session gives an overview of the Windows SideShow driver architecture and a bitmap driver sample that you can customize and brand.
  • Windows SideShow: Using Universal Driver to Implement Devices  [PPT]
    Learn how to build devices that are compatible with Windows SideShow and connect with the new Universal Driver for Windows SideShow 1.5.
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