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The Windows Portable Devices Files

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

The WpdHelloWorldDriver project contains the following Windows Portable Devices files.

WpdBaseDriver.cppContains an implementation of the WpdBaseDriver member functions.
WpdBaseDriver.hContains the definition of the WpdBaseDriver class. This class contains the member functions which dispatch messages, initialize the driver object, and so on.
WpdCapabilities.cppContains an implementation of the WpdCapabilities member functions.
WpdCapabilities.hContains the definition for the WpdCapabilities class. This class contains the event handlers for retrieving: supported commands, command options, function categories, and so on.
WpdObjectEnum.cppContains an implementation of the WpdObjectEnumerator class.
WpdObjectEnum.hContains the definition for the WpdObjectEnumerator class. This class contains the member functions that enumerate objects supported by the device.
WpdObjectProperties.cppContains an implementation of the WpdObjectProperties class.
WpdObjectProperties.hContains the definition for the WpdObjectProperties class. This class contains the member functions that set and retrieve properties supported by the device.
WpdObjectResources.cppContains an implementation of the WpdObjectResources member functions.
WpdObjectResources.hContains the definition for the WpdObjectResources class. This class contains a member function that retrieves the resources supported by the driver.

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