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Guidance for the Hardware Vendor

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

If you manufacture a portable device and require connectivity with Windows, you have the following options:

  • For devices with a non-class protocol, provide a WPD driver. For example, if your device uses a custom protocol over RS232 to communicate with the computer, you must provide a WPD driver so that WPD applications can access the device.
  • For portable music player devices, implement a class protocol such as MTP on the device. This will enable your device to be compatible with WPD, without the need to supply a driver (since Microsoft provides one).
  • For digital still cameras, implement a class protocol such as PTP/MTP. MTP offers enhancements over PTP, and is therefore the more optimal choice. However, for compatibility reasons, it is recommended that your MTP implementation be backward compatible with PTP.
  • For cellular phones and other multi-function devices, implement a class protocol, such as MTP, on the device.

WPD Drivers Overview

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