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Using mbidgenerator.exe to generate hardware IDs

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

To generate hardware ID values for your service metadata package, you can use the MBIDGenerator.exe command-line tool, which is part of the SDK in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

In Windows 8 MBIDGenerator.exe was included in the WDK.


MBIDGenerator.exe accepts the following parameters:

MBIDGenerator.exe [/Test] <input file> [<output file>]

The Test parameter provides non-hashed output and should not be used for generating hardware IDs for submission to the Windows Dev Center Dashboard.


The output from the MBIDGenerator.exe is through a standard command-line output display. Optionally, you can specify a path and file name for the output file. Errors are always reported back to the command prompt.

The output values appear in the following way:


You can take the output from MBIDGenerator.exe and insert it into the PackageInfo XML schema of your service metadata package.

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