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Subscriber and Device Information API

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

The Subscriber and Device Information API provides the following subscriber and device information to the mobile broadband app:

  • Device name Name of the device.

  • Technology GSM, CDMA, and similar information.

  • Subscriber and device ID Subscriber and device identification information (IMSI, IMEI, electronic serial number [ESN], and similar information).

  • Manufacturer Manufacturer of the device.

  • Mobile number Mobile number associated with the device.

  • SIM ID ICCID associated with the SIM.

  • Device capabilities Device interface capabilities, such as GSM Band Class and CDMA Band Class.

  • Firmware and hardware version Firmware and hardware version.

For more info about the Subscriber and Device Information API, see Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators namespace.

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