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Run new SMS received background events

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

The Mobile Broadband SMS platform provides separate system events for new SMS data that is received, depending on whether it’s an administrative SMS notification from a mobile network operator or a general SMS message. The background system event for a new administrative SMS notification that is received from a mobile network operator is only accessible by a mobile broadband app.

Apps must have already received user consent to use SMS to read new received SMS messages in a background tasks. Apps cannot read the contents of a new received SMS message from a background task if they are accessing SMS for the first time, because the app cannot trigger the system SMS device consent prompt from a background task.

The following code examples demonstrate a background task that is designed to run when a new SMS message is received.

C# background task code

namespace SmsBackgroundSample
  public sealed class SmsBackgroundTask : IBackgroundTask
    // The Run method is the entry point of a background task.

    public void Run(IBackgroundTaskInstance taskInstance)
      // Associate a cancellation handler with the background task.

      taskInstance.Canceled += new BackgroundTaskCanceledEventHandler(OnCanceled);

      ManualResetEvent manualEventWaiter = new ManualResetEvent(false);

      // Do the background task activity.

      DisplayToastAsync(taskInstance, manualEventWaiter);

      // Wait until the async operation is done. We need to do this else the background process will exit.

            Debug.Print("Background " + taskInstance.Task.Name + (" process ran"));


  async void DisplayToastAsync(IBackgroundTaskInstance taskInstance, ManualResetEvent manualEventWaiter)
    SmsReceivedEventDetails smsDetails = (SmsReceivedEventDetails)taskInstance.TriggerDetails;
    SmsBinaryMessage smsEncodedmsg = (SmsBinaryMessage) smsDetails.BinaryMessageMessage;
    SmsTextMessage smsTextMessage = Windows.Devices.Sms.SmsTextMessage.FromBinaryMessage(smsEncodedmsg);

    XmlDocument toastXml = ToastNotificationManager.GetTemplateContent(ToastTemplateType.ToastText02);
    XmlNodeList stringElements = toastXml.GetElementsByTagName("text");


    ToastNotification notification = new ToastNotification(toastXml);



JavaScript app code to register background task

var triggerAway = new Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.SystemTrigger(Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.SystemTriggerType.smsReceived, false);
var builderAway = new Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.BackgroundTaskBuilder();

builderAway.taskEntryPoint = "HelloWorldBackground.BackgroundTask1"; = "Sms";

var taskAway = builderAway.register();
taskAway.addEventListener("progress", new ProgressHandler(taskAway).onProgress);
taskAway.addEventListener("completed", new CompleteHandler(taskAway).onCompleted);

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