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Geolocation sample driver file list

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

The source file of the geolocation driver sample includes the following categories of files.

  • General files that are common to a UMDF sensor driver.
  • Sensor-specific files that are provided to demonstrate support for a simulated geolocation sensor.

The following table describes the general files that are common to a UMDF sensor driver.

File nameContents
Device.cppContains an implementation of the CMyDevice member functions. This includes the OnPrepareHardware method which creates and initializes the sensor class extension.
Device.hContains a definition for the CMyDevice class.
Dllsup.cppContains the driver DLL’s entry point (DLLMain).
Driver.cppContains an implementation of the CMyDriver member functions. This includes the OnDeviceAdd method that creates an instance of the CMyDevice class (see description of Device.cpp).
Driver.hContains a definition of the CMyDriver class.
Internal.hContains local type definitions for the sample driver.
Makefile.incRequired to build an .INF file.
Queue.cppContains an implementation of the CMyQueue member functions. This includes the CreateInstance method, which creates an instance of the I/O queue for the device.
Queue.hContains a definition of the CMyQueue class.
Resource.hContains definitions consumed by SensorsGeolocationSample.h.
Sensor.cppContains an implementation of the CSensor member functions. This includes the methods that return lists of supported properties and data fields and the methods that set writable properties and data fields.
Sensor.hContains a definition of the CSensor class.
SensDDI.cppContains an implementation of the ISensorDriver callback interface in the CSensorDdi class. The sensor class extension calls methods in this interface to retrieve supported data such as objects, properties, and events.
SensorManager.cppContains an implementation of the CSensorManager class. The methods in this class, as the name implies, manage the sensor device: starting it, stopping it, retrieving the device state, and so on.
SensorManager.hContains the definition of the CSensorManager class.
SensorsGeolocationDriverSample.defDeclares the module parameters.
SensorsGeolocationDriverSample.htmContains a high-level description of the sample driver.
SensorsGeolocationDriverSample.idlContains the necessary definitions for the driver’s COM component.
SensorsGeolocationDriverSample.infContains the information that Windows Setup requires when you install the in-box driver on x86 and amd64 computers.
SensorsGeolocationDriverSample.rcContains definitions for resources that the driver requires, such as file type, file description string, file version, and original file name.
SourcesContains a series of macro definitions that are recognized by the Build utility

The following table lists the files that support the simulated geolocation sensor that is supported by the sample driver.

File nameContents
Geolocation.cppContains an implementation of the CGeolocation class. The methods in this class initialize the simulated sensor, retrieve readable properties, and set writable properties.
Geolocation.hContains the definition of the CGeolocation class

The Sensors Geolocation Driver Sample

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