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Supporting DualView (Windows 2000 Model)

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

Many modern display adapters are able to drive two or more different display devices simultaneously. DualView, a feature of Microsoft Windows XP and later, provides system-level support for features similar to those of Multimonitor, but requires only a single display adapter. The graphics device interfaces (GDIs), and the end-user experiences, are identical for both DualView and Multimonitor.

SingleView Mode

In SingleView mode, a display adapter drives a single display device, regardless of the number of monitors. This is the usual mode for most of the display adapters that Windows 2000 and later operating system versions currently support.

DualView Mode

A computer in DualView mode can use a single display adapter (with multiple video ports) to drive multiple images on different monitors, with each display device portraying a different part of the desktop. The primary image displays the primary view; other images display secondary views.

The following subsections provide more information about DualView:

Enabling DualView

DualView Advanced Implementation Details

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