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Last Updated: 2/14/2017

The H263_C restricted profile contains the set of features required for support of ITU-T Recommendation H.263 and a specific set of enhanced optional capabilities. Support of this profile is currently encouraged but not required. This set of features is specified by the restrictions listed above for the H263_B restricted profile, except for the following additional restrictions.

Restrictions on DXVA_ConnectMode

The following restriction on the DXVA_ConnectMode structure applies when the bDXVA_Func variable defined by the dwFunction member of DXVA_ConfigPictureDecode is equal to 1 (picture decoding).

Structure MemberValue



Restrictions on DXVA_PictureParameters

Structure MemberValue


May be 1.


May or may not be equal to the wDecodedPictureIndex member of DXVA_PictureParameters when the bPicDeblocked member is 1.

Restrictions on Bitstream Buffers

The contents of any bitstream buffers may also contain data in the H.263 video format with any subset of CPCF, CPFMT and Annexes D, I, J, N (single forward-reference picture per output picture), and T.

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