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Direct3D Vertex Buffers

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

A vertex buffer contains the vertex data associated with a command buffer's primitives in a call to D3dDrawPrimitives2. Vertices are represented using the flexible vertex format (FVF), where each vertex can have the following data associated with it:

  • Position (x,y,z, and optional w) (required)

  • Diffuse color (optional)

  • Specular color (optional)

  • Texture coordinates (optional). Direct3D can send up to a maximum of eight sets of (u,v) values.

Drivers must provide FVF support.

The actual vertices and the order in which they should be processed depends on the D3DDP2OP_Xxx primitive command just parsed from the command buffer. For details, see the individual D3DHAL_DP2Xxx structure reference pages.

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