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Creating a Render Target Surface for Video Processing

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

The Microsoft Direct3D runtime calls the user-mode display driver's CreateResource function to create render target surfaces for video processing. The user-mode display driver determines that it should create a render target surface for video processing from the presence of the VideoProcessRenderTarget bit-field flag in the Flags member of the D3DDDIARG_CREATERESOURCE structure that the pResource parameter of CreateResource points to. The user-mode display driver can use this render target for video processing but not necessarily for 3-D. The user-mode display driver can perform video processing on regular RGB 3-D render target surfaces. However, the user-mode display driver can often output to YUV formats that the 3-D hardware cannot support as a render target.

The following are the only surface types that the driver should support as valid render targets for video processing:

  • RGB or YUV surfaces that are created with the VideoProcessRenderTarget bit-field flag.

  • RGB surfaces that are created with the RenderTarget bit-field flag.

  • RGB textures that are created with the RenderTarget and Texture bit-field flags.

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