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COPP Video Miniport Driver Close Template Code

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

This section applies only to Windows Server 2003 SP1 and later, and Windows XP SP2 and later.

Use the following example code to release instances of COPP DirectX VA device objects.

    PHW_DEVICE_EXTENSION pHwDeviceExtension,
    PVIDEO_REQUEST_PACKET pVideoRequestPacket
    COPP_IO_InputBuffer* pInBuff = pVideoRequestPacket->InputBuffer;
    COPP_DeviceData* pThis = (COPP_DeviceData*)*pInBuff->ppThis;
     *pInBuff->phr = COPPCloseVideoSession(pThis);
    VideoPortFreePool(pHwDeviceExtension, pThis);
    *pInBuff->ppThis = NULL;
    return NO_ERROR;

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