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Color Control Initialization

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

A driver's DdControlColor function controls the luminance/brightness controls of an overlay and/or primary surface. To enable color control functionality, the Microsoft DirectDraw HAL must do the following at initialization time:

  • If the overlay and/or primary surface contains color controls, set the DDCAPS2_COLORCONTROLOVERLAY and/or DDCAPS2_COLORCONTROLPRIMAY flags in the dwCaps2 member of the DDCORECAPS structure that is embedded in the DD_HALINFO structure.

  • The driver must specify a function in the DD_HALINFO structure that DirectDraw can call to get additional information. This is described in DdGetDriverInfo.

  • The DdGetDriverInfo callback must be called with the GUID_ColorControlCallbacks GUID specified. The driver must fill in a DD_COLORCONTROLCALLBACKS structure with the appropriate driver callbacks and flags set, then copy this structure to the lpvData member of the input structure.

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