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Adding User-Mode Display Driver Names to the Registry

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

You must set the following entry in an add-registry section of the INF file so that the names of user-mode display drivers are added to the registry during driver installation:

HKR,, InstalledDisplayDrivers,    %REG_MULTI_SZ%, UserModeDriverName1, UserModeDriverName2, UserModeDriverNameWow1, UserModeDriverNameWow2

For example, for x86 computers:

HKR,, InstalledDisplayDrivers,    %REG_MULTI_SZ%, r200umd

For example, for x64 computers:

HKR,, InstalledDisplayDrivers,    %REG_MULTI_SZ%, r200umd, r200umdva, r200umd64, r200umd64va

Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test programs use the list of user-mode display driver names to validate that the driver binaries remain unchanged over a test run. Other applications might also use the list of user-mode display driver names, typically through Implementing WMI (WMI), as the list of files that the applications determine are part of the driver package.

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