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PnPUtil Examples

Last Updated: 11/22/2016

This topic provides the following examples on how to use the PnPUtil tool:

Adding a driver package to the driver store

The following example adds a driver package, which contains the INF file that is named MyDriver.inf, to the driver store:

C:\>pnputil /a m:\MyDriver.inf
Microsoft PnP Utility

Processing inf : MyDriver.inf
Driver package added successfully.
Published name : oem22.inf

As soon as it is added to the driver store, the INF file for the driver package is referenced within the store through its published named (oem22.inf).

Listing the driver packages within the driver store

The following example lists the driver packages that are currently in the driver store. Only driver packages that are not in-box packages are listed. An in-box driver package is one which is included in the default installation of Windows or its service packs:

C:\>pnputil /e
Microsoft PnP Utility

Published name : oem0.inf
Driver package provider : Microsoft
Class : Printers
Driver version and date : Unknown driver version and date
Signer name : microsoft windows

Published name : oem22.inf
Driver package provider : Fabrikam, Inc.
Class : Network adapters
Driver version and date : 10/07/2009
Signer name : microsoft windows hardware compatibility publisher

In this example, information is displayed about the driver package that is referenced by the published INF file (oem22.inf). This information includes the publisher (Fabrikam, Inc.), setup class (Network adapter) and version ( of the driver package.

Note In this example, the data for the "Signer Name" field indicates that the sample driver package was digitally signed by a Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) release signature. If the driver package was not digitally signed, there would be no data displayed in the "Signer Name" field.

Deleting a driver package from the driver store

The following example removes the driver package from the driver store. The driver package is referenced by its published INF file (oem22.inf):

C:\>pnputil /d oem22.inf
Microsoft PnP Utility

Driver package deleted successfully.

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