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Opening and Closing the Trace Viewer

Last Updated: 11/22/2016

You can open the Trace Viewer for any rule in the Results tab that reports a defect.

To open the Trace Viewer:

  • In the Results tab, locate the rule you are interested in and click Defect.

  • After a brief delay, during which SDV retrieves the information that it needs, the Trace Viewer opens. Then, during a more extended delay, it positions and resizes the windows. A delay of 1 minute or more is considered to be normal.

You can display only one Trace Viewer (for one rule violation) at a time. To open the Trace Viewer for a different rule violation, you must first close the Trace Viewer for the current rule violation.

To close the Defect Viewer, do either of the following:

  • From the File menu, select Exit.

  • Click the Close (X) button in the far right corner of the Static Driver Verifier Report.

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