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Limitations of TraceView Workspaces

Last Updated: 11/22/2016

The TraceView workspaces feature has the following limitations.

  • Because the paths and file names that are associated with a trace session are saved in the workspace, the files that are saved in a workspace are reused and overwritten each time you open the workspace. To preserve your files, move or rename them after each trace session.

  • Changes to a workspace are not automatically saved and TraceView does not prompt you to save them.

  • You cannot save a workspace that includes a trace session group. For more information, see Grouping Trace Sessions.

  • You can save only one trace session or log display in each workspace. To save more than one trace session or log display, create a trace session group.

  • Workspaces are not saved in files. You cannot move them to a remote computer.

  • Workspaces that are created by one version of TraceView might not be supported in other versions of TraceView.

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