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How do I send trace messages to a user-mode debugger?

Last Updated: 11/22/2016

To redirect trace messages to a user-mode debugger, add the WPP_DEBUG macro to the source code. Put the definition directive for the macro after the WPP_CONTROL_GUIDS definition.

The WPP_DEBUG macro adds code that creates a trace message and redirects the message to the destination specified in the macro. You can use a DbgPrint or helper routine with this macro.

The format of the statement is as follows:

#define WPP_DEBUG(args) printf args , printf("\n");

You can use DbgPrint or KdPrint instead of printf, for example:

#define WPP_DEBUG(a)   printf a   printf("/n");


#define WPP_DEBUG(b)   DbgPrint("PCI"), DbgPrint b,   DbgPrint("\n");

The format of the statement that calls the routine is as follows:

WPP_DEBUG((format, ...))

You can use most formats and arguments with WPP_DEBUG. However, you cannot use the tracing-specific format specifications, such as %!IPADDR%.

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