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Windows compatible hardware development boards

Leverage the power of the Windows platform and Visual Studio to create innovative experiences and solutions that are brought to life by interfacing hardware components to Windows devices.

Windows compatible hardware development boards offer an affordable, yet a powerful development system targeted towards hardware developer, IHV, OEM or any other developer that loves to incorporate hardware in their projects and needs the power of a full PC. It allows you to easily interface your hardware components to General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins and low-power busses like I2C and I2S.

Choose a board

Based on your project needs, you have multiple options of hardware development boards that support Windows. What will you create?

  Sharks Cove MinnowBoard MAX Intel Galileo (first generation)*
SoCIntel Atom (x86). 1GB RAM, 16GB eMMCIntel Atom (x64), Single Core (1GB), Dual Core (2GB)Quark(x86)256mb RAM
SensorsI2CI2CI2C, SPI
AudioI2S, I2CI2S, I2CI2C
DisplayMIPI DSI  
Ethernet RJ-45RJ-45
Other InterfacesUSB, GPIO, HDMI, Clks, Voltage railsSPI, PCI-e, SATA, micro HDMISPI, PCI-e, GPIO, PWM, D2A
Where to buy

*The Windows Developer Program for IoT utilizes the Intel Galileo (first generation). This program is restricted to non-commercial development.


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Read about the initiative to make Windows and driver development tools available for affordable development boards.

Windows-compatible hardware development boards available soon

Simple Development for Windows Platforms

SoC-based hardware development boards enable hardware manufacturers to develop and certify their Windows drivers without time-consuming purchase and licensing processes, and without the need for extensive engagement with Microsoft. Purchasing the boards is quick and easy, and development tips can be found in the MSDN community.

Watch the video to learn how Microsoft partnered with vendors like Intel to create easy onboarding opportunities for your off-SOC hardware.

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