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Last Updated: 1/3/2017

The IOCTL_THERMAL_READ_POLICY input/output (I/O) control request is sent by the kernel to a thermal zone’s policy driver to read the drivers' preferred policy.

Input Parameters

To retrieve the input buffer, call WdfRequestRetrieveInputBuffer. The input buffer contains a THERMAL_POLICY struct that specifies the current policy that the kernel has for the thermal zone.

Output Parameters

To retrieve the output buffer, call WdfRequestRetrieveOutputBuffer. The Buffer parameter points to a THERMAL_POLICY structure. Set the THERMAL_POLICY's members to your policy driver's preferred thermal policy.

I/O Status

Complete the request by calling WdfRequestCompleteWithInformation and set Status to STATUS_SUCCESS if the request is successful. Otherwise, an appropriate NTSTATUS error condition. The driver can pass the bytes returned to sizeof(ULONG) in the Information parameter.


Thermal management in Windows

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