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Touch Test

Last Updated: 1/3/2017

This is to test the type of touch input that falls into the category of Custom Gestures for a Windows Touchscreen device. This test also checks the 3rd party driver dependencies for the Touchscreen device.

Test names

Other.json Associated compatibility requirements

  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Touch.CustomGestures
  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Base.ThirdPartyDrivers
  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Base.HIDCompliant

Test purpose

Verifies that a Windows Touchscreen device meets the custom gestures and third party driver requirements. Tools required

None. Running the test

The Windows Touch Test combines a set of simple manual tests. The requirements that are tested, include the absence of third party drivers, the absence of custom touch gestures, and the allowed physical dimensions of the device.

Command syntax

Other.json Passing criteria

  • 100% of the iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.
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