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Custom Gestures

Last Updated: 1/3/2017

This is a test to indicate whether or not a Windows pen device supports custom gestures.

Test name

  • Custom Gestures

Core requirements tested

  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Base.CustomGestures

Test purpose

  • Verifies that the pen does not have custom runtime gestures.

Tools required

  • None.

Validation steps

  1. Run test case for Custom Gestures.
  2. Click the "Fail" button, if your device has custom runtime gestures, otherwise click "Pass."

Here's a screenshot from the Custom Gestures test.

screenshot from the custom gestures test for a windows pen device.

Common error messages

  • "Manually failed by user"

    Occurs if the operator manually Fails the test (fails the Custom Gestures requirement).

Passing criteria

  • 1/1 test iterations must pass for the test to succeed.
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