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Permanent automatic mode

Last Updated: 12/12/2016

OEMs can enable permanent automatic mode for mobile networks that require the cellular settings to revert to automatic network selection after the user has manually selected another network when roaming or out of range of the home network.

Constraints: None
This customization supports: per-IMSI value, per-device value


  1. Create a customization answer file using the contents shown in the following code sample.

    ``` syntax <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<!-- Use for the per-IMSI case 

  <!-- Define the Targets --> 
     <Target Id="">
           <Condition Name="" Value="" />
           <Condition Name="" Value="" />

    <Settings Path="Multivariant">
      <Setting Name="Enable" Value="1" />
    <Settings Path="AutoDataConfig">
      <Setting Name="Enable" Value="0" />

  <!-- Specify the Variant -->
  <Variant Name=""> 
      <TargetRef Id="" /> 

    <Settings Path="CellCore/PerIMSI/$(__IMSI)/General">  
      <Setting Name="AvoidStayingInManualSelection" Value="" />


<!-- Use for the per-device case

    <Settings Path="CellCore/PerDevice/General">  
      <Setting Name="AvoidStayingInManualSelection" Value="" />


  1. Specify an Owner.

  2. Determine if you need to use the per-IMSI or per-device setting.

    For the per-IMSI case:

    1. Define Targets or conditions for when a variant can be applied, such as keying off a SIM's MCC, MNC, and SPN.

    2. Define settings for a Variant, which are applied if the associated target's conditions are met.

  3. Set the AvoidStayingInManualSelection``Value to either of the following:



    Enable permanent automatic mode.


    Disable permanent automatic mode. The cellular settings for network selection remain in manual mode.

Testing steps:
Flash the build containing this customization to a device that has a UICC.

To fully test this customization, work with your mobile operator partner. The device needs to be out of range of the home network so that the user can select manual mode under Network selection in the Settings > Cellular & SIM screen.

When the device is no longer roaming or is in range of the home network, verify that the Network selection mode changed to automatic without requiring user action.

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