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Overriding the voicemail number on the UICC

Last Updated: 12/12/2016

Mobile operators can override the voicemail number on the UICC with a different voicemail number that is configured in the registry.

This customization can only be applied in a runtime configuration image.

Constraints: None
This customization supports: per-IMSI value


  1. Create a customization answer file using the contents shown in the following code sample.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>  
    <ImageCustomizations xmlns=""  
                         Description="Use to set the phone to ignore the time received from an LTE network."  
      <!-- Define the Targets --> 
         <Target Id="">
               <Condition Name="" Value="" />
               <Condition Name="" Value="" />
        <Settings Path="Multivariant">
          <Setting Name="Enable" Value="1" />
        <Settings Path="AutoDataConfig">
          <Setting Name="Enable" Value="0" />
      <!-- Specify the Variant -->
      <Variant Name=""> 
          <TargetRef Id="" /> 
        <Settings Path="Phone/PerSimSettings/$(__IMSI)/Critical">  
          <Setting Name="SimOverrideVoicemailNumber" Value="" />      
  2. Specify an Owner.

  3. For the per-IMSI case:

    1. Define Targets or conditions for when a variant can be applied, such as keying off a SIM's MCC, MNC, and SPN.

    2. Define settings for a Variant, which are applied if the associated target's conditions are met.

  4. Set SimOverrideVoicemailNumber to a string that contains the digits of the voicemail number to use instead of the voicemail number on the UICC.

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