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Customizations for photos, music, and videos

Last Updated: 12/12/2016

Contains the customizations you can configure for photos, music, and videos.

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Adding OEM lens apps as options for the default camera

OEMs can add lens apps as options for the default camera.

Audio volume limitation

OEMs can configure a setting to display a visual warning when the volume level of the phone exceeds a certain permitted threshold.

Configuring OEM lens apps to launch above the lock screen

OEM can configure lens apps to launch above the lock screen.

Maximum enumerable photo size

For phones that have the hardware capability to capture various resolutions, partners can specify the resolution limit for photos that can be accessed by third party apps.

Reset the audio volume limitation and warning

OEMs can set the device to reset the audio volume limit and show the volume level warning every time the volume level exceeds a certain permitted threshold for a certain length of time.

Settings for capture mode, burst support, and burst storage duration

OEMs can configure burst support on the device, the default capture mode, and the default number of days to store the bursts captured on the device.

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