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Service UWF-protected devices

Last Updated: 12/12/2016

When a device is protected with UWF, you must use UWF servicing mode commands to service the device and apply updates to an image. You can use UWF servicing mode to apply Windows updates, antimalware signature file updates, and custom software or third-party software updates.

In this section

Antimalware support on UWF-protected devices
Describes the procedures to add support for Windows Defender and System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP/Forefront) antimalware to your UWF-protected devices.

Apply OEM updates to UWF-protected devices
Provides information about how to apply OEM updates to a UWF-protected device.

Apply Windows updates to UWF-protected devices
Describes the procedures to apply Windows updates to your UWF-protected devices.

UWF master servicing script
Provides information about the UWF master servicing script (UwfServicingMasterScript.cmd).

UWF servicing screen saver
Provides information about how to modify the default UWF servicing screen saver.


Unified Write Filter

Unified Write Filter WMI provider reference


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